Mass Shootings At Fort Myers Club Blu Nightclub: ‘Teen Night’ Attacked By Gunmen – Two Teens Killed, 18 Shot [Breaking]

Mass Shooting At Fort Myers Nightclub: 'Teen Night' Attacked By Gunmen - Two Teens, 18 Shot [Breaking]

A popular nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida has been attacked, confirmed police. The attackers targeted ‘Teen Night’. Authorities have confirmed two deaths, but aren’t sure about the number of attackers. Besides the nightclub, there is at least one other active shooter situation in the region.

According to local news agency, two people have been killed and more than a dozen injured at Club Blu, a popular nightclub located at 3580 Evans Avenue in in Fort Myers, western Florida. The attack reportedly occurred early Monday morning while the club was packed with mostly teenagers who were attending a ‘Teen Night’.

During a brutal attack on Club Blu, 18 people have been shot, including two fatally, confirmed the Fort Myers Police Department, reported CBS News. A nearby home and several vehicles were also shot at, seemingly at random, which resulted in a minor injury, added police.

Multiple police vehicles and a “large number” of deputies were dispatched to assess the situation. The police are in the process of identifying all the attendees and the staff members of the nightclub. None of the victims have been identified so far.

Lt. Jim Mulligan of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the number of fatalities and the wounded. The police, however, have added there were at least two active shooter situations in Fort Meyers. Multiple units were dispatched to Ortiz Avenue between Luckett and Ballard roads. The police have detained a single person at a third location, whom they described as “person of interest.” The person’s identity hasn’t been confirmed.

Besides addressing the active shooter situations, police have been tasked with canvassing the streets looking for other people who may be involved in the shooting. Authorities suspect multiple gunmen were involved, but aren’t sure of the exact number.

It is not immediately clear if the two incidents are interconnected, reported NBC station WPTV. The police are still trying to confirm if the attacks were acts of terror. The situation is still developing and law enforcement is trying to establish a perimeter. One of the witnesses to the Fort Myers Club Blu nightclub attack said it was a “mad house” scene,

“It was a mad house people were running everywhere. All people were saying was their friends’ names to see if they’re okay — a lot of phone calls to parents. But it was one of the scariest sights to just see people come pouring out like that.”

While multiple gunshots were reported by several witnesses, they added people were seen scrambling out of the nightclub. One woman who lives two blocks from Club Blu said she heard about 30 gunshots from what she believes to have been multiple guns, reported 10 News. She added people were seen crying and screaming in the streets, while others were being rushed in waiting ambulances to Lee Memorial hospital.

Another person who reportedly had a friend inside Club Blu, said he rushed to the nightclub after failing to reach him over the phone,

“I called and couldn’t get a hold of them, I rushed to Blu scared when I arrived I got one of them and he said that the shooter took off and the cops where chasing him.”

The story on this most recent attack on a nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida is still developing and more will be reported as information becomes available.

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